Software Modernization & Transformation​​​​​​

Future-proof systems and applications for your business

Has your software become long in the tooth or does it no longer meet your current business or security requirements? Would you like to extend existing applications or port to new technologies? Would you like to replace isolated solutions and field-specific applications? Would you like to remove high licensing and maintenance costs for your legacy applications from your IT budget? Would you like to switch software providers and further develop existing software solutions or transfer them to a new and future-proof platform?

We optimise and modernise your legacy applications, making them fit for the future

Highly digitalised business & processes

Secure, stable and mobile applications

Cost efficiency thanks to modern technology

Because yesterday's software isn’t good enough to shape today's or tomorrow's business

With obsolete software, current and future business requirements can only be met at high expense, or not at all. New business opportunities and innovative services can only be realised with a long time to market, or not at all. In addition to wasted business opportunities, there are often high costs for operation and maintenance of legacy systems and dissatisfied users. Design your future business without these legacy costs, we make your software fit for it.
We modernise your software in such a way that they yield
maximum benefits for your business
and cost efficiency for your company

RPA, Low-Code, Analytics & More

No-Code & Low-Code 

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Through the use of No-Code and Low-Code platforms, we make new applications productive in a short time and allow your citizen developers to add extensions, business logics, work flows etc. to their applications without the need for coding.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

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Using RPA Bots we support you with automating manual tasks and processes quickly and economically, achieving increases in efficiency and saving costs.

Analytics & Dashboards

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In modern applications, analytics functions and relevant dashboards are built directly into the software application.  With our comprehensive business intelligence and business analytics know-how, we can ensure this for your applications as well.

Our Services

Together we will quickly and efficiently modernise your applications and ensure a successful transition with a proven procedure model for provider change. With advice from experienced consultants, as well as best practices in UX, UI and implementation, we ensure that your new solution offers the services and features that provide real, sustainable added value for your company and your users.


Legacy system analysis with regard to its future
Requirement analysis for new, modern systems
Process & technical consulting
Procedure models
Cloud transformation
Consulting about open source solutions
Potentials of Business Analytics & AI


UX quick check
UX research & personas according to the Human-centered Design process
Mobile & Responsive Design
Rapid prototyping
Wireframes & screen designs


Future-proof software architecture
Modern front-ends
Interfaces according to current standards
Integration into peripheral systems
Cloud readiness
Test automation
Cognitive services & analytics

Maintenance & Support

Training documents
Hotline support
Continuous further development
Monitoring of your applications


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