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Smart services & decisions through real-time data

Would you like to offer your customers innovative services and an optimal customer experience? Do you want your company to be able to respond to market requirements, incidents and customer interaction in real time? Would you like to make decisions on the basis of data that is always up to date? Does your company have a lot of data and systems that don't deliver real time information?

Together, we implement
IT solutions & processes for
​​​​​​​your business in real time

Real-time data availability

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Generate added value through data events

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Real-time data hub connects IT systems

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Static data is a thing of the past. The future belongs to data streaming

Static data is no longer up to date, because new business & customer requirements demand real-time data streaming and data availability.  This requires data to be made ‘dynamic’ and its transfer to and from different IT systems to be enabled and accelerated. However, many companies have systems and legacy software that does not easily enable this. Often, significant gaps between IT systems that limit the ability to transfer critical data in real time aggravate this.
Today's customers, however, expect innovative services and personalised, contextual experiences delivered in real-time across online and offline channels. This affects companies in almost every industry. To meet these customer expectations, processes must be built in a customer-centric and event-driven manner, and data must be used in real time. Constantly changing market conditions also require real-time data in order to pro-actively meet the new requirements.  
Together with you, we make your data dynamic and your business ready for real-time.


Linking their physical shop and online shop is crucial for retail organisations that want to offer their customers a great customer experience across all channels. The basis for all omni-channel services such as click & collect is the linking of information such as online orders, inventory and article availability in the shops in real time. Only this link and a real-time inventory management system can make sure that the ordered article is actually available at the chosen outlet. Thus, omni-channel services require real-time processing to meet their high customer expectations. A bonus point system for customers that is always up to date, real-time retail data to schedule personnel and retail merchandise capacities or optimised customer experiences via real-time based services are more required than ever before to best serve one’s customers.

Let's make your business ready for real-time

Together with you, we make your data dynamic and your business ready for real-time. With a centralised data architecture that enables event streaming, we will jointly develop real-time applications that automatically and intelligently respond to data incidents. This opens up new revenue opportunities by identifying the real-time triggers that serve as customers' buying signals. Furthermore, this architecture is the foundation for superior customer experiences, innovative digital services, and smart processes including new levels of automation.

We accompany you with expertise and passion

​​​​​​​Using an event streaming platform and real-time data solutions also enables your company to make informed decisions more quickly, pro-actively respond to changing market demands, and deliver innovative services and an optimised customer experience for your customers. With our experience and expertise, we help you generate added value for your business through the use of real-time information and implement data management, storage and analysis.  Missing elements are added by means of individual software development and appropriate interfaces to the required systems. Via dashboards, portals and apps, you and your customers have access to the real-time information you need. This enables you to optimise your business, services and resources – many aspects of digitisation that will be even more important in the future and a path on which we accompany you professionally, competently and with a lot of expertise and passion as an IT solution partner and Confluent Plus partner.
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