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Would you like to increase your products’ quality as well as the resulting customer satisfaction as significant competitive factors? Would you like to reduce the costs related to quality assurance and complaints? Would you like to offer your customers smart products and innovative services while receiving usage and diagnostic data about your products?

Using tailored, smart IT solutions we help you automate your processes, expand your services and reach quality goals and KPIs.

As an established digitalisation partner to production companies, we accompany you all the way. Together, we create value relevant to your business in production.

Value-adding quality assurance in production

Increase your products’ quality, lower costs and offer your customers innovative services. Together we automate and standardise quality assurance in your production. To do this, we rely on optical image recognition and the digitalisation of your processes. The automation of measurements, collection and storage of data, as well as the use of Advanced Analytics also allows for quality improvements in your production process. Benefit both from cost savings due to the elimination of manual activities such as the collection and input of measurement data, and from error prevention and improvement of production quality. Offer your customers innovative services, such as insight into product quality or quality-relevant data at any time. The transparency of your quality assurance process gained through digitalisation as well as data analysis and preparation adds value for you and your customers.

Complaint management that will raise customer loyalty

Take advantage of complaints to increase your product quality and retain customers - with our individual solutions that support and automate your complaint management holistically. Developed according to your company standards and 8D methodology and specifically tailored to processes, your complaint management solution takes into account all your production sites and stakeholders and accompanies you throughout the entire processing of complaints cases. From the receipt of the complaint and its processing to customer feedback, analysis and cost control, it supports your team throughout the entire process and ensures transparency in all complaint cases. Your complaint management solution enables you to initiate and manage the right measures, both in your production department and, if necessary, with regard to your suppliers, for example by deriving possible recourse claims or with input for your supplier score cards. It can be seamlessly integrated into your supplier relationship management and production planning systems. Increase your product quality and customer satisfaction in the long term and reduce the costs of your complaint management with an integrated solution developed for you that creates transparency.

Smart IoT solutions for smart products

Benefit from your smart products in more than one way – with our tailored IoT solutions. These allow you to increase the value created by your products to customer-loyalty-creating add-on services. Utilise diagnostics and usage information gathered by sensors to sustainably improve the quality of your products and to implement predictive maintenance services to anticipate product downtimes at your customers’. Our IoT solutions make for a number of innovative services for your business – smart, value-creating and service-oriented.
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