Optimise your strategic procurement with smart digital solutions

Would you like to establish efficient and agile end-to-end process chains for your strategic procurement that involve all stakeholders, both internal and external? Would you like to increase transparency in procurement and gain decision security?  Would you like to sustainably secure supply chain risks and achieve cost savings and optimal value creation?

Together, we design optimised procurement processes tailored to your needs and digitally implement them using pioneering IT solutions.

We help you to identify and optimally utilise the digitalisation potential in your procurement processes. As a long-standing IT partner for strategic procurement, we support you with comprehensive consulting, agile implementation and professional integration.

Digital solutions that will optimise your individual processes

Raise your value-creation potentials

Increase the value creation potential of your strategic procurement with customised e-procurement solutions that optimise and automate your processes.

Data-driven supplier management for active control

Active, data-driven supplier management is of increasing importance not only in economically challenging times. With our expertise, we help you identify and utilise the right levers in your supplier management, increasing integration with your suppliers and strengthening your supplier network.

We support you in supplier screening, selecting and qualifying suppliers as well as with efficient onboarding all the way to supplier management in regular operations.  With our data-driven approaches to risk management, supplier evaluation and auditing, we ensure that you always remain in an active, steering role towards your suppliers. Further information on our expertise in supplier management and collaboration as well as supply chain planning in the automotive industry can be found here.

With our solutions, we pursue a specialised approach that is precisely tailored to your requirements. With comprehensive technical and IT expertise and the use of various platforms and technologies, we can offer you a solution that is tailor-made for you and your requirements.

Category sourcing

Especially if your company develops or assembles complex products, well thought-out category sourcing offers you not only cost-saving aspects but also enormous value-adding potential. With our category sourcing approach – implemented in digital, collaborative purchasing – you can save costs in the long term by bundling your sourcing activities and at the same time involve all your stakeholders. Optimised, digitally supported processes ensure that all sourcing activities are carried out efficiently and in compliance with regulations, that there is full transparency and that cost savings and value enhancement opportunities are exploited. In this way, category sourcing makes a significant contribution to value creation in your company.

Contract management for complete transparency

How efficient is your contract management and do you have transparency regarding the contractual obligations of your suppliers? We digitalise your contract management in procurement on the basis of Icertis, the leading platform for contract management, and thus reduce processing times and costs. With the Icertis contract management platform we accelerate your sourcing process and the creation of contracts with your suppliers. The platform enables you to pro-actively monitor both your and your suppliers' contractual obligations and thus ensure full compliance with all contracts. Your buyers benefit from the end-to-end integration and automated process support, your management from the complete transparency regarding the contracts of your company.

Procurement collaboration – smart and efficient

How efficient are collaborations outside of your core procurement processes? Reduce your procurement team’s daily workload with our smart collaboration solutions and digital workflows, e.g. when documentation and coordination is required, when obtaining approvals and much more.  Efficient front-office / back-office solutions, mobile approval workflows or smart process automation or RPA solutions that are tailored to your individual needs bring efficiency to your purchasing and internal collaboration.
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