Professional development, rapid deployment and secure operation of your customised, high-quality software

We embody DevOps and use agile methods, such as Scrum and Kanban, to turn ideas developed with you into software. Our team responsible for development and operations ensures that your applications are developed, tested, deployed and monitored quickly, in high quality and in a controlled manner. We accompany you holistically and contribute our many years of experience, proven process models and best practices.

In joint workshops we develop your ideas and fix your personas, processes and user stories in requirements engineering. Since every IT landscape is different, we define the software architecture that is right for you based on these and the requirements that have been developed. Even during development, we ensure the quality of your solutions with regular tests, quality gates, continuous deployment and ongoing monitoring. With Continuous Integration and Delivery (CI/CD), we ensure the rapid availability of the services developed for you.

When implementing your project, it is important for us to work efficiently and to achieve our common goals in time and in budget. We achieve this through high-level automation in our build, test, deployment and monitoring processes as well as in the underlying infrastructure. We identify needs and problems at an early stage and address them openly, thus ensuring project success.

Our technological diversity, combined with our manufacturer independence and our experience in designing customised front- and back-end solutions, guarantee software that fits perfectly into your IT landscape.

We also support you in the reliable operation of your cloud and on-premise solutions. With a cross-operational and cross-development team and the use of modern methods and technologies such as Docker and Kubernetes, we enable stable systems and minmal downtimes.

Requirements Engineering

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Together we develop your personas, target processes and user stories and define functional as well as non-functional requirements of your future software

Infrastructure Management

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Our consultants advise you on the selection and design of your high-performance and secure cloud infrastructure and support you with configuration management

Container Management and Virtualisation

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With the use of Docker and Kubernetes, we adhere to standards and enable the efficient development, deployment and scaling of your solution

Continuous Integration & Delivery

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With intelligent build management, we ensure the automated distribution of your software across your locations and IT environments

Monitoring & Alerting

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Your system is monitored permanently. Our experts receive instant messages when problems arise and quickly implement solutions

Update Management

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In terms of life cycle management, we keep your system up-to-date with security patches and react in a timely manner to changes in the requirements of your cloud provider


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