Cockpits & Data Driven Decisions

Relevant, data-driven answers for your business

Would you like to gather information relevant to your business from your business data, to make better operational and strategic decisions? Would you like to identify influencing factors of past results, use them for forecasts and better future results?

We create data-driven insights for your smart business decisions

Data interpretation & visualisation

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Decision support & automation

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Pro-active forecasts

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Smart business decisions require smart minds and data-driven insights

You know your business best. And we know how to best prepare, interpret and visualise the data basis. Using comprehensive methods, data and analysis competences, we support you with preparing, clearly visualising your data and extract context-related insights. This allows you to identify influencing factors, trends and even risks and to better manage them. Use your business know-how and data-driven insights for your smart business decisions.

Defining key figures & preparing data - questions you want to find answers to

To make sure you get the right answers to your questions, we define together what questions and key figures are actually relevant to your business. We appropriately build dimensions and hierarchies to make sure you find the right answers – today and tomorrow. This includes required data and their correct preparation, analysis paths, required granularity and cross-connections that need to be established. Only the right questions and professional preparation allow for relevant answers.

Data visualisation & decision support - everything available in your cockpit 

To allow you to make smart, data-driven decisions quickly, your data is professionally prepared and meaningfully visualised. Visually appealing, easy-to-understand dashboards, tailored to your target groups and their specific tasks and questions are available via your Cockpit. Our UI/UX experts ensure maximum user experience and will happily incorporate your corporate design into their creations. Our cockpits offer professional decision support – almost at a glance.

Trend identification & outlooks - understanding and shaping the future

Looking to the past and knowing why something has happened is important. What´s really interesting, however, is identifying trends and looking into the future with predictive analytics. Combining data, analyses, computations and machine learning, we evaluate massive amounts of various information and create outlooks based on detailed analyses as well as action recommendations for your company. We support you in understanding and pro-actively shaping the future.

Our Services

Together, we quickly and efficiently implement modern Business Analytics solutions. With advice from experienced consultants, as well as best practices in UX, UI and implementation, we ensure that your new solution offers the services and features that provide real, sustainable added value for your company and your users.


Tactical & technical consulting
Platform consulting (onPrem/hybrid/cloud)
Rights & roles

Data Science

Analytics Architecture (Data Analysis & Problem Framing, Machine Learning, Predictive Modelling)
Data Science Integration


Visualisation (Power BI & Reporting Services)

Maintenance & Support

Training documents
Hotline support
Continuous development


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