Why companies shouldn´t miss mobile business apps

In a world dominated by mobile technologies, the use of mobile apps has long since evolved from a mere trend to an indispensable part of our everyday lives. Whether we want to spend our time on social networks, track our fitness goals or simply find the nearest restaurant, there's an app for everything. But mobile apps are no longer just a must for companies in the consumer sector. The importance of apps has also grown exponentially in recent years in the B2B sector and therefore for corporate customers as well as for internal company processes. And for good reason, as mobile apps also offer numerous advantages for customers and companies in the B2B sector.

Business apps on the rise

Traditionally, apps were mainly developed for the consumer market. But in an era where digital transformation has become an imperative and the use of mobile devices has become commonplace, this has changed. Companies are increasingly recognizing the potential of mobile business apps, both to enable their B2B customers to easily use digital services and offer an optimal customer experience, as well as to optimize their internal processes and handle them regardless of location.

How business customers, employees and companies benefit

Mobile apps play a key role when it comes to digital services and product enhancements in the B2B sector. They enable the use of innovative digital services and product add-ons as well as seamless interaction between companies and their business customers, regardless of time and place. B2B customers can use apps to access the services they need, place orders, call up information and receive support quickly and efficiently via mobile devices. This improves customer satisfaction and significantly strengthens customer loyalty.

Mobile business apps also offer the opportunity to personalize and adapt services to the individual needs and preferences of customers. By integrating data analyses and feedback mechanisms, companies can continuously improve their services and offer their customers added value. They also enable the efficient and location-independent processing of transactions and use of business processes.

But mobile business apps not only play a decisive role in customer interaction. Internal processes also benefit enormously from their integration. From employee time recording and project management to inventory management, these apps offer a wide range of tools that increase efficiency and reduce administrative effort.

Mobile business apps also enable internal processes to be handled regardless of location. Employees can access important company systems and data from anywhere, which increases flexibility and responsiveness. For example, on-site technicians can view customer information in real time or update changes to a project status immediately without having to rely on access to a desktop system. This leads to faster response times and an overall smoother workflow.

Success factors for mobile business apps

In order to design and develop a successful mobile business app for the B2B sector, it is crucial that it is seamlessly integrated into your process and system landscape and that the "mobile first" or "mobile always" approach is followed. This means that mobile features are already taken into account during the planning stage. This approach means that business processes can be handled anytime and anywhere.

Professional UX/UI design plays a decisive role in the success of mobile business apps. It ensures that the app is user-friendly and intuitive, which in turn improves acceptance and use by customers and employees. A clear and appealing user interface leads to a positive customer or user experience.  In addition, a well thought-out design helps to reduce errors, which in turn increases efficiency and reduces support costs. Last but not least, an appealing design and positive customer experience can strengthen the company's image and help to promote a positive brand perception among customers.

The use of mobile business apps across different devices, from smartphones and tablets to industrial handhelds - which are used especially in areas such as manufacturing and logistics due to their robustness - must also be taken into account when designing and developing mobile business apps.

A key aspect of mobile business apps is also enabling the app to be used in offline mode. Even if no internet connection is available, be it during flights or in rooms without mobile data coverage, professionally developed business apps enable you to carry out business activities. The actions performed are automatically synchronized as soon as a connection to the company network is established. This ensures uninterrupted business processing and maximum flexibility for your employees.

By integrating AI, mobile business apps can use machine learning, natural language processing and predictive analytics. For example, AI algorithms can be used to recognize patterns in data and help employees make informed decisions. In addition, AI assistants can help users navigate through systems and processes by providing contextualized recommendations or even automating repetitive tasks.

Implementing personalized and dynamic features that leverage location, mobility and environmental data can also significantly improve the user experience with mobile business apps. These features make it possible to customize the app to users' individual needs and preferences by providing relevant information based on their location, movement and environmental conditions. For example, a delivery management app could automatically suggest alternative routes to avoid delays due to traffic congestion, or a sales app could display personalized offers based on the customer's location. Furthermore, such personalized and dynamic features can contribute to innovative new digital services for business customers.

Your innovative mobile business app, our expertise 

As a digitalization partner, we have already successfully designed and developed a large number of mobile business apps for companies from a wide range of industries. You also would like to expand your digital service offering for customers and make it usable via mobile business apps? You´d like to optimize and digitalize your business processes as well as enable your employees to handle processes via a mobile app regardless of location and time? Talk to us, we will be happy to advise and support you professionally and holistically!