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Digital ServicesCompetitive advantage through innovative services for customers

Would you like to offer your customers seamless digital services and an amazing customer experience? Digital add-on services to products offer your customers additional functions and additional value while opening up new revenue streams. Would you like to add new, innovative functions or services to existing products?

Together, we will conceptualise and implement your digital services

New revenue streams

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Customer experience & convenience

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Competitive & fit for the future

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Digital services that open up new revenue streams, offer an optimised customer experience and innovation

Digital services that open up new revenue streams, offer an optimised customer experience and innovation
Customers, both in the consumer and business sectors, expect smart digital services and innovative add-ons to products that offer real additional benefits. Providers are increasingly differentiated by the services they provide to customers. Companies therefore need to take action to remain competitive. Digital services and add-ons to products enable companies to create new business models and sales potential. The speed at which these services are implemented also contributes to their success.

Together, we will design and implement digital services that significantly contribute to your competitiveness and launch these onto the market quickly

Implementing digital services quickly and professionally

As a digitalisation partner, we support you with comprehensive process, technology, data and integration know-how in the design and implementation of digital services and add-on services to your products. Together, we create the basis for your digital services with an end-to-end digitisation of the required processes, implement them with a great deal of expertise, and enable you to bring them to market quickly and with a high user experience. With many years of expertise, proven process models and professional development methods, we create the greatest possible business benefit and cost efficiency for your company and ensure a fast time-to-market for your digital services.

Obtaining valuable insights

By offering digital services and their use by customers, you obtain a lot of data and valuable insights. With deep data and business analytics know-how as well as AI expertise, we support you in gaining valuable insights from this information to optimise and automate your processes, but also to derive service or product improvements. Moreover, data is a valuable source to better understand your own customers and the actual use of your products and services. They also make it possible for you to offer matching additional services and generate new revenue streams on their basis. After all, tailored services increase customer satisfaction and strengthen customer loyalty.

Digital services for consumers and business customers

With many years of digitisation expertise, we support you in offering digital services for both consumers and business customers. Digital services provide customers in both the B2C and B2B sectors with added convenience and customer experience. After all, smart services can be used as needed, independent of place and time. We support you with the required process digitisation to allow you to offer your customers user-friendly self-services. Digital services also make it possible to create on-demand features, innovations and new functions and we accompany their professional implementation in a holistic fashion.

Our Services

Together, we will conceptualise and implement your digital services and launch them onto the market quickly. With advice from experienced consultants, as well as best practices in UX, UI, implementation and integration, we ensure that your portal offers the services and features that provide real, sustainable added value for your company and your users.


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​​​​​​​Joint idea finding regarding innovative digital services Creation of a digitisation strategy / digitisation journey Technical & procedural consulting Optimisation of work processes incl. use of real-time data & AI
Selecting the right software solution with regard to the overall system & corporate architecture
UX/UI consulting


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Creation & design of digital services with future-proof software architecture
Implementation of user-friendly digital services
Seamless integration into system landscape
IT-relevant adaptation and extension of adjoining processes


Maintenance & Support

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Support hotline
Managed services for your digital services


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