Real-time data as the basis for innovative services, optimised customer experiences and smart processes

The digital transformation has significantly changed customer expectations. Today's customers expect innovative services and personalised, contextual experiences consistently being delivered in real-time across online and offline channels. The companies that best meet these customer expectations are those that build their processes on top of data streams in a customer-centric way and use data in real time.

With Confluent's Kafka-based, highly scalable event streaming platform, data is always ready to be played and available in real time, and can be processed, stored, and linked to or delivered in an appropriate fashion to any application or system the company uses. The Confluent event streaming platform thus enables companies from many different industries to implement current and future business requirements, innovative services, smart processes and an optimised customer experience on the basis of real-time data.

Generating event-driven added value for customers and companies

To meet the demands of today's and future markets, it is necessary to create processes and IT workflows that respond to events in real time in order to immediately create added value for both customers and the company itself.

Data as event flows

Using a centralised architecture that allows for event streaming enables companies to develop real-time applications that respond to data events intelligently and automatically – in real time. This opens up new revenue opportunities by identifying the real-time triggers that serve as customers' buying signals. Furthermore, this architecture is the foundation for superior customer experiences and smart processes including new levels of automation.

Based on Kafka, the Confluent Event Streaming Platform, with its structure consisting of connectors, query language, publish/subscribe based data transfer and other functions, allows for pooling, processing and distributing data. And to achieve this, it doesn't use batch processing and point-to-point connections like legacy systems do. Instead, it does all of that in real time and on the basis of the publish-subscribe model, where receiving systems (consumers) are able to “subscribe” to the messages from sending systems (producers).

We accompany you with expertise and passionT 

The use of event streaming platforms enables companies to make well-founded decisions more quickly and provide their customers with innovative services. An analysis as to where and when the use of real-time information makes sense and how data management, storage and expansion can be implemented, is crucial. Missing elements can be added by means of individual software development and appropriate interfaces to the required systems. Via dashboards, portals and apps, companies and their customers then receive access to the real-time information they need. This enables you to optimise your business, services and resources – many aspects of digitisation that will be even more important in the future and a path on which we accompany you professionally, competently and with a lot of expertise and passion as an IT solution partner and Confluent Plus partner.

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