Perfect interplay between the systems used in logistics and a high degree of automation

German production company

Thanks to increasing internationalisation and the expansion of its markets to the US and Asia, the German production company of an international luxury goods corporation had to optimise its systems used in logistics. It aimed at achieving a perfect interplay between the SAP systems used and the PLC-controlled warehouse systems, creating a high degree of automation for order picking and ensuring trouble-free operation. Professional support for this project was provided by the IT solution provider DCCS.

Optimised interplay between logistics systems

A global player with German roots
The German manufacturer of consumer goods of an international luxury goods corporation runs 4 production sites and 3 distribution centres with more than 100,000 m2 of logistics area. Via the logistics centres, all goods and products are moved between the sites and up to 250,000 products are shipped to retailers and end customers every day.

Optimised interplay between logistics systems
Expanding its markets has continuously raised the importance of the logistics systems. After all, optimised logistics systems are an essential part of a company's success. To ensure a perfect interplay between the SAP systems used, the warehouse management system and the controls of the respective warehouse systems, DCCS created a software that assumes a middleware function between the systems and optimally accounts for the requirement of stock placement and transfer as well as dispatch.

One important factor was to achieve a perfect integration of all systems including the SAP merchandise management system on the one hand and to allow for the further development and optimisation of the warehouse logistics independent of SAP on the other hand. The partners agreed on the .NET framework as the technological base as well as an agile approach in terms of the methodology.

Through the optimised control of picking machines, the developed software enables a high degree of automation in order picking, the control of machines for palletising and carton packaging, as well as the execution of logistics processes, for example in handling or final inspection. In addition, warehousing and distribution routes are optimised.

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