We are DCCS

Awaken your team spirits!

We are dedicated and proactive, we are open and honest, we are respectful and there for each other, we are humorous and self-reliant, we are flexible and innovative, we are curious and full of enthusiasm, we are authentic and self-confident. But above all, we are a team.

Those who feel comfortable in their environment can show their best performance.

We maintain a friendly environment. We are who we are, remain authentic, but at the same time show consideration for our peers. What counts for us is togetherness, there is no competitive thinking among colleagues or teams. This makes sure all our energy is applied to professional competence.​​​​​​​

Tomorrow's world will look completely different

​​​​​​​That doesn't just apply to supposedly bad days, if there are any, because we want to learn from mistakes and shouldn't spoil our day. Change, in general, is part of our daily lives. We always look ahead, are curious by nature and always strive to be up to date. Whenever we have ideas or identify a need to take action, we often take the initiative, even when our idea struggles at first – we stand by it.

We say what we think and we do what we say

We are open with each other – we don't talk behind other people's backs, we talk things over. This transparency is practised by the entire company – everybody is in the know. ​​​​​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​How AGILE are you?

We solve problems together. In fixed, agile teams. This way, you don't have to find a new team for every project before being able to start.
At the same time, every employee has their own clearly defined range of competence in which they can fully utilise their strengths and assume full responsibility.

Flat hierarchies – elevated opportunities

​​​​​​​At DCCS, we all communicate at the same level – even the management. All ideas and solutions are welcome for we all strive for one thing: outstanding IT solutions that benefit our customers.


​​​​​​​Let’s not forget about fun

It's not only during working hours that people are allowed to laugh and exchange personal experiences. Whether it's culture or sports – from mountain biking to rugby – or a leisurely end to the day in the pub garden – we are also available for joint activities after hours.