Core Software Revival

Does your core software hamper or benefit your business?

Do your systems ensure necessary customer-orientation by means of streamlined processes and quick implementation of innovative services? Do your legacy systems support the growth and scalability of your business? Do your core software systems harbour entrepreneurial risks, or do they no longer fit your IT strategy? Do your core systems cause high costs and require massive maintenance?
Together, we will ensure that your core systems don’t hamper,
​​​​​​​but benefit your business and competitiveness!

Because yesterday's core software isn’t good enough to shape tomorrow's business

Core software systems are the backbone of every company. Outdated ones hamper your business’s competitiveness and innovative strength, harbouring high entrepreneurial risk. Modernising core software, however, is a challenge – not least because large parts of the business depend on the core systems’ availability. Fears of failing are therefore understandable. This is why you need an experienced partner to help you modernise your core software.

We know that modernising core systems is a complex task. A challenge during which we support you with a high degree of expertise and experience, just like many customers before.

Successful modernisation begins with the right advice

With your business goals and IT strategy in focus, we analyse your existing core software and jointly determine the need for modernisation. Based on the analysis and taking into account your systems and processes, we show different modernisation scenarios and replacement models, such as the use of standard software, low-code platforms or re-write but also possible change models such as Lift & Shift, Transpile or Refactor. Supported by proven process models, including a decision matrix and ROI analysis, we jointly select the mix and variant that offers you the best technology for your core software and the greatest business benefit.

Your individual modernisation path, perfectly planned

Your individual modernisation path, perfectly planned
In close collaboration, we work out a final target architecture that is perfectly attuned to your business and IT needs and define detailed requirements and specifications. We plan the careful migration of your existing data and functions and define test and quality criteria. Every modernisation project is different, which is why we jointly work out your individual modernisation path.

To success with a business-value-first approach

With many years of experience in renewing core applications during ongoing operations, we accompany you during successful implementation and integration. Our development teams specialise in modernising core software systems with current methods and tools and integrating them seamlessly into your existing systems. A step-by-step modernisation process, with a business-value-first approach, has proven to be successful.

Your systems: always available and up-to-date

At your request, we can also assume overall responsibility for your core systems – from operation and application management to the development of new functionalities. We ensure that your business-critical core systems are always available and kept up-to-date. So that there are no more software legacy issues in the future.

Together we make your core software benefit your business!

Together we tackle the professional overhaul of your core software and ensure the successful modernisation of your core applications with a great deal of experience and proven process models. Consulting with experienced consultants and using best practice examples in UX, UI, and a high level of implementation and integration know-how, we ensure that your new core software offers the services and features that create sustainable business value for your company.
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