Non-cash benefit process directly connected with SAP HCM and end-to-end digitised

While the direct accounting interface between CITAX and SAP FI has been an essential part of the digital non-cash benefit process for years, a gap existed between CITAX and SAP HCM, a gap that has now been closed. By developing an innovative interface, CITAX can now be linked directly with the HCM module, allowing for the automatic booking of the assessment basis / income tax in the HCM module. This modular interface closes the gap between CITAX and SAP HCM and can also be used for linking up other solutions to SAP HCM.

The solution that creates consistency, traceability, security & efficiency

The interface we have developed solves this dilemma. Our innovative interface builds on SAP HCM and is modular in design. You can not only link this interface with CITAX, but with other systems that regularly transfer data relating to payroll and external income tax add-back to the HCM module.
​​​​​​​Synchronised, bi-directional communication
With this interface, your CITAX solution is not only end-to-end digitised towards SAP FI, but also towards the HCM system. One of the essential design elements of this interface is its synchronised and bi-directional communication. What that means is that data exchange runs both ways. Firstly, the HCM system receives booking information from CITAX, secondly CITAX receives information on whether bookings could be performed correctly from the HCM system. This provides CITAX users with an overview of the export status of their HCM activities directly in CITAX and allows them to correct errors quickly and immediately. This feedback offers significant information benefits, especially in comparison with working with CSV export/import.

Benefits in calculating external income tax add-back
When calculating your external income tax add-back, the interface also makes a sustainable contribution. The interface records what values are delivered by upstream systems and what values flow into the sum of values to be reported. This way, you are always up do date on what the amount reported to the revenue agency is comprised of.

The consistent digitisation that this interface allows, also closes a security gap. A secure connection between upstream and downstream systems based on SAP RFC technology makes data transfer / storage obsolete and eliminates all associated additional costs and sources of errors.

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